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Welcome to the Canada's Wonderland Festival of Music Registration

ALL NEW FOR 2019! - Indoor Choir Venue with choral risers and acoustic panels 

Welcome to the Festival of Music Registration Page. On this page, you will create a username and password for your groups so you may log in at any time to manage your bookings! 


  • Please ensure you have reviewed the Information Page before registering. If you have any issues with the registration process, please email education@canadaswonderland.com for assistance.
  • The form below will include a section to type your email and create your password. This will become your account information for this year and future years.


  • Please click DIRECTOR LOG IN in the upper right hand corner to log in to your already existing account. 
  • If you have any issues with the sign in process, please email education@canadaswonderland.com for assistance.


  1. Complete the required registration information below. All fields with a star beside it must be filled out.
  2. Select the tab that reads “My Performance Groups”.
  3. Select “Add New Group” and fill in all required fields accurately. Please ensure you pay attention to  the venue name and sizes allowed on stage - especially if you are booking groups back to back. Please note that if you have a small band and the Kingswood Music Theatre is open for booking - you should book into that venue. Showplace is for Choral groups only because it is a 10 to 15 minute unassisted walk from the FOM entrance to the venue. Your group will have to transport their own instruments, because of this, it is used as a last resort only. You cannot have your groups share a 30 minute time block under any circumstances. Once you are done click "Add Group" 
  4. Once the group is added – click on the small calendar that is located to the right of the group name, this will redirect you to new page. On the new page select “Find New Sessions”
  5. On the Find New Sessions page you are required to indicate the approx band size and grade level. If you do not complete this, your registration is not valid. You may log in at any time to update this section.
  6. Select the date and time you wish to book your session, all available dates and times will be listed for your selected venue. Then click Book Session. If you do not click this, your session is not booked.
  7. On the Group View page, which you will be brought back to after booking a session, please download and fill out the Cancellation Agreement.  
  8. You will be sent an email confirming we received your request. This will tell you the date and time you have booked. You will need to send us a signed cancellation agreement within 2 weeks following the date of registry or your reservation will be cancelled by a Canada's Wonderland representative.
  9. Once we receive the cancellation agreement you will be sent an email confirming your booking has been finalized. Please note that Canada's Wonderland has the right to modify or refuse your request due to scheduling conflicts and incorrect registration (not following guidelines). We will notify you via email. 
  10. Once you get the email that we have received your Cancellation Agreement, you will need to order tickets. You will receive instructions in this email about how to proceed. 
  11. When your order form is processed, you will get a confirmation email. At this point, you will be required to submit payment for the tickets. You will receive further instructions about this as well.

You have 59-minutes to complete the registration. 


REGISTRATION TIPS (please read):

  • Please fill in all fields completely.
  • The school name and subsquent information will appear the way it is typed in all future correspondance and on the Festival Program.
  • Please spell out the name of the school and end with Band, Choir, or Orchestra.  Ex.  Canada's Wonderland High School Band, Canada's Wonderland Junior High Choir.
  • Your school name should NOT include the name of your ensemble.
  • Your ensemble should NOT include the name of your school.
  • Please do NOT type in all caps.  Capitalize ONLY the first letter of each word.
  • The Estimated Attendance is the number of tickets you anticipate purchasing for your visit to the park.

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